Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A New Week a New Look

Last week sucked for just about everything.  This week is better already and I found a new way to look at food.  On The Survival Podcast Gary Collins of Primal Nutrition was a guest.  He had a great discussion about nutrition and just life.  The one pearl of wisdom, that might change my life, is to look at food like an addictive drug.  So for the last two days I've been doing that.  I'm working on the Slow Carb Diet and it seems to be the one that I can actually stick to.  When I want to eat something I shouldn't I just think back to Gary talking about the sugar being a drug that we are all addicted to in todays world.  Somehow it made it easy for me to eat something healthy, like chicken at the store instead of a piece of cake.

For the last two days this has been working and I haven't cheated from the diet.  Tonight is a BBQ but there will be plenty of things to eat that fit into the diet.  I just need to stay away from the other stuff.

I've also starting going to the gym first thing to make sure it happens.  That way I don't get busy and cut it from my schedule.  It's working so far and I think I'll start seeing normal people again and that will help.

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