Thursday, October 3, 2013

Cheating Sucks

Today I stopped by to see an old friend for his birthday.  I got talked into eating a cup cake.  A giant one with lots of sugar.  Since I haven't eaten sugar all week, it tasted good.  But about an hour later I was high as a kite.  Had the shakes and didn't feel good at all.  Kind of motivates me to keep eating right.

I'm looking forward to Saturday, my cheat day.  I'm going to eat cake.  Is that bad? My workouts where done so far this week.  None of them have been really good, just getting them done.  I'm going to keep pressing through the workouts until they get better.

Until next time, I'll be pushing through to get weight down.  I started the week at 319 and was down to 316 this morning.  So at least it's going the right way.  Just never seems fast enough.

What about you? Does the weight go fast or slow?

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