Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Gym time

I'm at the gym and trying to get into. I'm just tired today. I had some ice-cream for a snack, that probably didn't help.

I'm still excited over the almost 300 pounds yesterday. It has been over a year since I've been below 300.

Today I'm up a little to 302.8. Still going down from the start a couple weeks ago.

I told myself a couple months ago that when I get under 300 I would start running again. That should help even more.

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Monday, October 25, 2010


The weight is starting to go down.  Like it!  But I do have to confess that I was sick for the weekend and didn't eat much.  I'm feeling better and a pretty good workout today.  I did chest and shoulders and had my wife as a work out partner.  She makes resting between sets a lot shorter then when I'm by myself.  It's a good change of pace and we enjoy it sometimes.

My best gains were when I had a serious partner.  I need to find another one that can work out on my schedule to get that push from someone else.  My wife doesn't really push me to do more weight or reps.  We just kind of hang out together.

Anyone got a really flexable schedule that works out at the Y in NE San Antonio?

Friday, October 22, 2010

30 Days!

My 30 day challenge is starting to get long.  I've found out the hard way I'm addicted to caffeine, bad.  This is day 4 of not having enough caffeine and my body is going through withdrawal symptoms.  When they say caffeine is a drug they aren't kidding.  I have headaches and my stomach is upset.  Makes staying away from the soda harder.

I'm doing good so far.  I haven't stopped to get any sugary crap or soda at the convenience store.  I told my wife about my challenge and she laughed saying bad timing since there is two full 3-liter bottles of Diet Coke in the fridge (I buy diet coke because it has more caffeine then anything else).

Who knew Diet Coke would come back and bite me.    

Thursday, October 21, 2010



Today is the lowest I've been in a long time. Kind of exciting. I'm trying to make sure it isn't a fluke.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Today's Weight

305.2 pounds

Went up little from time, but hoping that my 30 day challenge will help me out. I think it should.

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30 Day Challenge

I just listened to Alex Haddox's Practical Defense Podcast.  He talked about a 30 day challenge to change things in his life.  He has given up soda for the first 30 days and then carrie out food for the next 30 days.  The idea is to change eating habits slowly to make them permanent.

I'm taking his challenge and making it my own.  I've started drinking soda, a lot.  I don't really like the idea of it, but still do it.  Kind of addicted to caffein, I think.  I didn't drink soda for years after getting out of boot camp in 1999.  I met my wife and she drank soda, and I started drinking soda.  Now I want to get rid of it!  I also want to get rid of my habit of stopping at the gas station and by a candy bar.

This month I'm focusing on two things; 1) no soda for 30 days.  2) No sweats from the gas station.  I started yesterday.  I'm going to keep it up until November 18.  Hopefully these things will no longer be a craving.

Monday, October 18, 2010


303.8 pounds. Not good but better then last time.

At the gym right now and feeling a little slow. I should get going once I finish a warn up.

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Sunday, October 17, 2010


Didn't go as planned. I had go to work and stopped on the way to get something to eat. Of course I got candy, candy, and more candy. I thought it wasn't that big a deal until I ate it all. It made my stomach upset. I'm trying to remember that for the next time I go crazy.

Food is hard!

Saturday, October 16, 2010


20 minutes on the elliptical machine and the a 500 meter swim.

Felt great after the swim, but I don't remember 500 meters being that far!

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Weigh In


Better then yesterday.

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Saturday AM

Today I'm planning a workout with my wife and then to hang out in the pool with the kid.  Should be a fun day and hopefully good for my goal of getting into Marine Corps fitness standards again.

Minimum standard for a Physical Fitness Test (PFT) is;

  • 3 Mile run under 28:00 Minutes
  • 50 Sit-ups in 2 Minutes
  • 3 Dead-Hang Pull-ups 
My weight standard is 205 pounds.  I'll never make that again, but you can also be at 18% body fat or less. The 18% is my goal.

Friday, October 15, 2010


Today wasn't good or bad. It started out with eating a big breakfast, too big. Then I had to take my kid to the doctor for a cold. That made me miss my workout and I stopped for BBQ on the way home. Got some candy pumpkins at the supermarket and just about killed everything.

Me and the wife went to the gym together in the afternoon and got a good workout. I had about half a serving of chicken and dumplings for dinner.

For me not a total bad day, just not a day. Tomorrow is a new day, and it ain't over til it's over!

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Thursday, October 14, 2010


Today wasn't too bad.  I enjoyed a 45 minute walk pushing my 15 month-old kid in his stroller around the neighborhood.  Had a good heart rate and pace for the first half.  The second half was slower.

Eating could have been better.  I drank more water then I normally do but also stopped to get a diet Coke and a Monster energy drink.  When I stopped to get the drink at the start of work I also got a donut, and then later on the way home I got Hostess Cupcakes with the Coke.  Hostess and Donuts are my weakness right now.  Whenever I walk into a connivence store I'm always looking for one or the other.

My current "real" job is driving a truck for an oil company delivering trailers and equipment to oil fields all over South Texas.  So I spend a lot of time on the road, get board, hungry, and tired.  So I stop and eat.

I want to work on more water, less soda, and no more sweet crap from the stores!


Today is the day I've had enough.  A close friend visited today.  He was just excepted into the Marine Recon program.  It's been his life long dream.  Took him 16 years from when he first tried.  Now he is in top physical shape and I've let myself go.

I've always been big, but normally don't have a problem keeping up with anyone.  I enjoy the gym, and use to enjoy running and sports.  Now I'm over 300 pounds and can hardly do anything at the gym.  I haven't been this out of shape since high school (I'm 32 by the way).

I'm starting this as an accountability to myself.  I will be posting pictures of my progress and more then once a day about my eating, physical activity, and just life.

I'm making my fitness a priority!