Monday, September 2, 2013

Once Again

Once again I find myself starting at the bottom.  I'm currently 320 pounds and fat and out of shape.  I think I hit bottom last weekend when I was teaching a firearms class for Modern Self Protection and really couldn't keep up in the heat.  It was the first time I haven't been able to keep up with something physical in almost 20 years.  Boy I need work, so I'm starting once again.

The Diet
I'm using the slow carb diet right out of The 4-Hour Body by Tim Farris.  It worked in the beginning of this year to go from 328 to 318 in a little over a week.  It was the first diet that actually worked when I started it.  Even a starvation diet takes time for my body to react.  It sucks!  Normally a diet takes two weeks for me to see any progress, now I'm hoping this one worked once and will work once again.

The Fitness
I'm going to use the workouts right out of Man 2.0 Engineering the Alpha because it sounds challenging.  I missed my workout today because the gym was closed for the holiday and I had to work extra.  But that extra work got me tomorrow off, so I'll hit the gym tomorrow and do some gardening to burn some extra calories.  It should be fun.  Tomorrows Workout:

  • Circuit 1
    • Goblet Squats
    • Incline Dumbbell press
    • Single Arm Dumbbell row
    • Kettle Bell Romanian Dead Lift
    • Planks
  • Circuit 2
    • Chin Ups
    • Glute Bridge
    • Reverse Lunge
    • Dumbbell Lateral Raises.
Only a little bit of work there.  I'll try it and see how it goes.  The Alpha book has a 16 week program and I'm going to try and keep with it.  Should be challenging and then by the time I'm done, hopefully I'll start running again and looking at some long distance and adventure races to run.

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