Wednesday, September 4, 2013

New Life

Well I've started getting to a new life.  This morning I weighed 316.0.  I lost 4 pounds in a couple days.  For some reason I wanted more.  I hate it when that happens.  But four pounds in a couple days isn't bad.

I had a couple good workouts.  Maybe too good.  I'm trying Engineering the Alpha workouts.  I'm in Phase I week I.  It's a hard workout.  Today went better then yesterday, but it's still hard.  Tomorrow is suppose to be my day off, but I'm thinking of doing a hike around the neighborhood.  I kind of enjoy that and I need something that will get me use to the weather again.  Too many hours on a computer in the AC.

My diet isn't going bad, it just didn't go good today.  I cheated and had a candy bar and 2 mini cupcakes.  The candy bad was really hard not to.  I was craving that crap.  The cupcakes where at a meeting/training class I went to and they where just sitting there and everyone was eating them.  So I had to try them.  I think I'm going to need to stay away from some of those things until I can get myself more in control.

On the plus side, I did notice that when I ate crap (candy and cupcakes) I was hungry then before I ate them.  Crap food really doesn't satisfy your hunger.  I hope I can convince my soul of this.  But it was an observation so I think as I go I'll be able to convince myself of this and cut all cheating out completely (except on my cheat days... This week will be Saturday and I'm planning on eating an entire cake!).


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