Saturday, February 11, 2012

Here again!

Here I go again with the blog. The idea is to put my days down in a journal to be accountable for my bad eating and physical habits.

I just got out of the gym where I hit 66% of my goals. Someone was on the bench press so I use that as my excuse not to do it.

I'm doing a strong-lifts 5x5 program. Today was;

Squats 175 5x5, got it!
Bent-over Rows 145 5x5 got it!
Bench 210 5x5, didn't even try.

Every time I just want to get better and better.

My goals for this program;
Squats 225 5x5
Bench 225 5x5
Dead lift 325 1x5

I'm getting closer!

Get Strong,


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